Your New Favorite Tool for Posture Assessment

It’s Visual Analysis for the Professional

  • Photograph clients in front of the grid for accurate assessment
  • Create a visual baseline for posture documentation
  • Monitor and re-assess posture changes throughout treatment

It’s An Eye Opener for Your Clients!

  • Now clients and patients can clearly visualize their posture issues
  • Educate them on the observed conditions and suggested therapies
  • Show them their progress with periodic assessment photos

Common Conditions Observed with Alignabod

Left Lateral View

Head is forward. Upper back is rounded. Tight lumbar spine and hip flexors. Body is forward.

Right Lateral View

Chin is lifted and back of neck is shortened. Forearms are anterior of body. Anterior pelvic tilt.

Poterior View

Left shoulder is elevated. Pronated left foot. Knock knees. Palms face the posterior.

Anterior View

Head lateral flexed right. Left shoulder higher. Arm length difference. Rib cage rotated. Legs turn out. Right foot supinated. Left foot pronated.

Identify Posture Deviations

Shown above are some of the common conditions observed with AlignaBod®. These and more are discussed in the User’s Guide included with the product. You can easily print and annotate pictures you’ve taken to point out specific areas for treatment.

AlignaBod® is Easy to Use

Taking a simple photo of the subject in front of the grid creates a compelling visual reference. Use it to educate your clients on their treatment and training programs. Along the side is an integrated tape measure for noting overall height and position of deviations.

Choose the Alignabod® System That Works for You