Choose the Alignabod System that Works for You

An Easy Choice for Flexibility

Now you can take the Alignabod® posture assessment system anywhere you need it. Easy, fast setup with no tools required. Take it to expos, health fairs, malls, wherever you want to do on the spot posture assessments.

System Includes:

  • Alignabod Retractable Grid, Printed on Vinyl, 6’8″ height
  • 40″ width (suitable for most body types)
  • Aluminum Stand with Corded Support Pole
  • Illustrated User’s Guide
  • Black Nylon Carrying Case.
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Set Up an Assessment Area in Your Office

Alignabod is the original posture assessment tool that allows you and your clients to easily visualize posture deviations. Take their picture in front of the grid and present them with a compelling look at their posture issues. Recommend treatment and training programs and then track their progress with periodic re-assessments.

System Includes:

  • Alignabod Grid, Printed on Styrene, 6’8″ height by 40″ width
  • Illustrated User’s Guide
  • Ideal Posture Guide Laminated Poster