With Alignabod and your camera, you are ready to…

  • Visualize and measure posture deviations
  • Educate your clients on their posture problems
  • Focus treatment programs to target specific areas
  • Monitor results with visual evidence of progress

Posture Assessment Photos With Alignabod

For Anterior Photograph

Client faces the camera. The bold center, vertical line aligns with the center of the body. This Line bisects head, neck, trunk, hips and medial malleoli. Vertical center line goes from the nose, chin, center of the chest, navel and between the medial malleolus. Horizontal alignment lines provide reference for level of the eyes, ears, shoulders, hands, pelvis, and knees.

For Lateral Photograph

Client faces sideways. Photograph right and left view. Bold center grid line directly behind and slightly anterior of the lateral malleolus. Look for line extending from ear to acromial process through greater trochanter of femur, slightly behind patella and one inch anterior to lateral malleolus. Bisecting vertically through these areas.

For Posterior Photograph

Client faces the grid. The bold, center, vertical line should align with the center of the body. This vertical alignment line bisects head, through neck, vertebrae, buttocks and medial malleoli. The horizontal alignment lines provide reference for the level of the ears, shoulders, hands, pelvis, and ankles. The assessment photos are complete.

User’s Guide

The illustrated user’s guide includes detailed instructions on how to use the Alignabod® system.

Portable System Set Up

The new portable Alignabod® system sets up easily in minutes:
Download the Set up Instructions

Simple Steps to Implement Alignabod® in Your Business

  1. Photograph patients and clients in front of AlignaBod® (Anterior, Posterior, Right and Left Lateral).
  2. Take a benchmark height measurement…height can increase as people realign, lengthen and strengthen their posture.
  3. Discuss your findings using the Ideal Posture Guide poster (included). You can also print and annotate your images to point out the issues.
  4. Design a treatment and/or exercise program to correct the posture, setting treatment goals and a defined time frame for the program/treatment.
  5. Schedule follow up sessions to take additional photos for progress assessment. Compare these with the initial benchmark photos to measure and document progress.

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